Bloodrayne 2: Dilvernace

From the start I was kinda dreading going into Bloodrayne 2 after seeingĀ  the original. The original was boring, so I have low expectations that this will be any different. When I saw the poster and saw Kristina Loken was out and replace with another girl who was possibly cheaper (and I’m sure Loken was like,”I had enough people laughing in my face”). It could not possibly have helped that this movie was released a year after the orginal. Everybody who saw the movie has it fresh in their mind how dull it was. Now I don’t remember if I ever saw this film before (possibly another situation in which I did see it before but it was unrememberable, yet the feeling of staying away from the movie lingered). I do remember Bloodrayne was released in theatres (and me being the only one who braved the theatre to see it), but Bloodrayne not being successful, and the quickness that the sequel came out in, most likely means this movie was definitely a straight to video follow up.

One thing I like about the movie is that the sequel happens in a different time frame. We are dealing with a an immoral being here. While the first movie takes place in like medieval times(maybe), this movie takes place like a few hundred years later (maybe) and is a western about vampires. Though the concept would have worked better if Loken had returned to the title charter, the complete overhaul of the film was a good idea to see if they can attrach a new audence with some new flavor.

The concept worked for me. The change of pace changed the pace of the film so it does not slum along as stale and lifeless as the original. It’s not boring to watch but it is bad making it an odd step up from the original, but it’s not a so bad it’s good so I won’t be watching it over and over again.