The Monster Squad

A B-movie version of the Goonies that had no idea it was a B-movie version of the Goonies.

I have the fondest memories of the Monster Squad, for what it was it was a good movie. Though this is the first time I’ve seen it as an adult (meaning I have not seen it snice the 80s), so I’m a little nervous about how it’s gonna hold up.

Got some talent attached to it.  Rob Cohen who brought us the first Fast and The Furious movie acts as an executive prouder. Shane Black, before he wrote Lethal Weapon is a co-writer. Stan Winston did all the creature effects. this movie seemed like a slam dunk. It’s definitely a shot in the goal.

Way before Geekdom was celebrated, the Monster Squad was a movie about a group of Geeks (specially those who loved Universal Monster movies (which is strange because It’s a Tri-Star pictures release). Like any good geek, the Monster Squad are the only ones Knowledgeble enough to stop Dracula’s evil plan (wonder how these kids would do agiast Zombies).

It’s a perfect 80s movie too. A PG-13 flick about a group of preteens who should be in a PG movie in a world that’s hitting the line of Rated R without going over. They were totally taking advantage of the new rating system at the time.

Well, after thirty years the Monster Squad is still enjoyable. It’s not the adventure that the Goonies is, hut I still loved it.


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