Ten years before Rush Hour, comes a buddy cop film that brings Blacks and Asians together in the most corny (but still entertaining) way possible. Alexander “Hawkeye” Hawkamoto may look Japanese, but the Texas born ex-Texas Ranger is as american as they come. In fact he’s so american the only thing that he understands about Japanese culture is Karate (A skill he learned from a big white guy at the YMCA). While Charlie Wilosn is basiclly a chop socky parody of Eddie Murphy (or at least that’s what he’s trying to do).

Together…I forget the plot. They were chasing after some Mob boss for some generic reason, but none of that matters. The ten minute plot is only use to generate 80 minutes of these two cops doing a series of comedy skecthes that end with some by the numbers kicks and punches that totally satisify this shoe string budget action movie.

I actually love a karate chopping action film made for what looks like two dollars. It could be just old and the film stock is just wore out but that’s the way I like it. A guy named George Hung plays Hawkeye and also directed the film, in the somewhat if you want it done do it yourself and he did it well. He’s know Jackie Chan when if comes to the Karate action (not even the best in the movie. the black cop played by a guy named Chuck Jefferes knew how to put those feet up a little higher). He had a charisma about him, very funny and it made for a charming  personality.

I really like this movie. It works well for me.


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