The Recall

A decent movie about aliens. Kinda reminded me of Skyline, mostly as the alien adduction is similar to me.

A little nervous that Wesley Snipes was just the star on the cover of the movie poster met to draw me in and he was only going to be a cameo, but he was a big part of them without being the star of the film.

It’s your cheesy cliché cheap horror movie about some horny white kids up in a cabin in the woods, and lucky for all evolved they are not being hunted by Wesley Snipes. Actually, Wesley plays an ex-astronaut and the minor few who can stop the aliens from taking over. If this was a major budget movie it could have been Blade: the Alien hunter, which would have been a dope movie to see!

Instead, Snipes acts more like a backdrop to the story of these kids being taken. It’s too bad cause then we can get more chessy in-liners that Snipes seems to love to do.

The alien effects on this flick were pretty good. Whoever did them impressed me. That’s important to me likening the film cause everything else is very mundane , but this part made it worth wild

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