Because you could not title it mutha fuckers, and this movie is all about bad ass mutha fuckas! It was like having four Pam Griers (actually, it’s like having Pam Grier spilt into four women)

I herd of Muthas before, but I could have sworn it was under a different name. You have four sexy ass kicking black women in an action movie, the first of it’s kind and a rarity.

Two female pirates go looking for their sister and end up getting captured by the same Filipino plantation, where all the slaves are women. Being black, slavery was not their thing despite another black girl who was in their for awhile telling them there is no way out. These two black Mutha Fuckas will stop at nothing to get the hell out of there and their passions inspires two other black girls to join the cause.

Visually, it looks like a bigger production than any women in prison movie Grier has every been in. It has a lot of cool stuff in it:

Action Scenes, cause on of the black woman is like a karat master and she does that old school chop socky on the guards. Not as impressive as John Wick or anything but it was cool to watch. Very cool, had me all existed and shit.

Lots of  gunplay some good car chases.

And of course a lot of cheesy 1970s one-liners you can only find in a blaxpolation film.

Muthas was a complete package and a great find on my Amazon account.

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