Charlie’s Angels(2019)

I did not have any high hopes for this movie at all.
I don’t dislike Kristen Stewart but she’s definitely not someone I would run to the theatre and see in a movie, and sense none of the other two angels are on my radar no one on that poster made me enthusiastic to see this movie adaption.
I did like the idea of making a new angels movie with some new angels. That was the one thing that I felt they got absolutely right. Each generation should have their own angels. It’s just too bad that this generation had these angels. My generation got lucky with Drew Barrymore, Camren Diaz and Lucy Lu who were lovely charming and fun and most importantly, unionized in fighting the bad guys (but to be honest all the traits that seem to make the first movie good made it’s sequel god awful).
I was excited by the idea that Elisabeth Banks was going to direct this movie, but I think in my mind that was going to make it an action packed version of Pitched Perfect 2. Now that I would have loved to See! Anna Kendrick, Britney Snow Rebel Wilson, possible replace one of these girls with Hailee Steinfeld (I’m looking at you Snow) With that BeyoncĂ© song “who run the world? Girls!” as the theme song. That’s the movement I wanted to see. I have this feeling that someone did pitch this movie and it got veto because it was too much Girl power and not enough Woman power, Two separate things that look the same but can make for a garbage movie if know onw can tell the difference.
Patrick Stewart was great. You can tell by how he approached his character that it was all about the origin story of these three angels, a story that actually got in the way of movie. By the third act this movie was starting to become what I was expecting of the film but it was too little too late. Especially considering how successful the first movie adaption was that just told the origins of the girls in a hot open.
Oh, and Djimon Hounsou was in this flick! that’s two of the best supporting actors in the game (Hounsou and Stewart) and that was not enough magic to make this movie great.
Oh well. Hopefully the next generation will have a better movie.

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