Death Warrant

Man, watching this movie was like stepping right into the 90s.  It had all the cliche cheese you would expect from a b-action movie.
jean Claude Van Damme, in what was an amazing role, plays a Canadian Police officer. What a perfect way to somewhat Americanize the muscle from Brussels and explain the accent. He’s assigned to go undercover as a convent in like a prison that’s suppose to be a hellhole, but I noticed the black cell blocks seem to be the cool place to be. When we get to those cell blocks the generic hiphop music starts to play and we see the brothers jamming  playing their own instruments. They got card and dice games going.  The food looks good and the cells are pretty decked out. Plus they got weed. Not that it did anything to make me think jail was cool but these brothers did make the best of it.
Despite his “North American” upbringing Van Damme could not be more of a fish out of water. Looking as sexy as possible trying to figure out why prisoners are dying left and right, he moves his way around the prison with no kind of understanding of the life and just looking to get messed with by any one in the pen long enough to no longer see a man( and with Van Damme in those tight jeans I would say you only have to be locked up for a mouth or two).
Not his best marshal arts film as it was more about sexy ass Van Damme posing for the camera as he walks around this steamed filled prison with his shirt somehow torn off.
Thank god Death Warrant has one female character, a young stuck up lawyer who has to prove her worth to the overall masculine Van Damme before they can make love.
Death Warrant has got crazy going for it. It created a prison with so much wild personality and it just makes you flip. A pimp turning out trannies in the forbidden area of the prison. The security guards teaming with the white racist  to organize an organ trading business, and of course the dude who played Benson in the 80s who becomes Van Damme’s only ally.
All of this puts it on a long list of the best of Van Damme.

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