State Park

A fun movie from the 1980s version of the Teen comedy genre.

I’ve never seen or herd of it before in my life so it looks like it got lost in a overwhelming sea of them. Does not hurt that it stars people I’ve never herd of and two faces that are kinda familiar because I most likely seen them in something as older people.
Pretty sure it was not met to be lost, however. After all the movie does feature a guest appearance from Ted Nugent. To me that screams this was suppose to be a blockbuster.
The film is hurt by the fact that the nudity is too brief. It’s as sexist to say that then as it is today but back then nudity sold, cause even though this movie is catered to a high school crowd, that hard R is a ticket seller for them.

Overall, it is a pretty decent movie that’s basically about a group of kids sticking it to the man (who in this case is destroying the environment, a topic 34 years ahead of it’s time).
I think it’s a pretty good one in the 80s Teen comedy genre.

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