Anna (II) (2019)

Had my fingers cross this would be a good one. Then I uncrossed them.

I seen this movie before and I still like it. La Femme Nikita, Miss Baja. Even a Charlie’s Angels Chinese adaption called Char Lai’s Angels. The funny ironic twist is that because there are only a handful of those super hot model chick trained to be a spy movies, they tend to look more alike as a result. That’s bad in the case of Anna, cause I like the movie it’s trying to copy, but it’s a bad copy of that movie. The action scenes were way better than the trailer let on and they had more than the trailer let on, but not even the fight where she uses the dinner plates to bash her opponents really leaves a lasting impression. Way to much of a waste of time proving how cleaver Anna is cause in the end she was not that cleaver. Should have spent more time kicking ass and taking names. Anna fumbles the ball too much when it tries to be cleaver.

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