Killerman (2019)

Yeah, Only if you really like Liam Hemsworth

He’s done this movie before. Was it the one actually set in the 70s, instead of just having that look,where he was a security guard who always wanted to be a cop or the one where he plays a jersey boy trying to hook up with a spoiled uptown brat? Either way Chris’ younger brother, as I like to think of him, loves this type of role as the East coast tough kid far too pretty to be that gangster. He’s good in that role too, so if you love the ex-mr. Miley Cyrus, it’s cool to call him that too, you’ll love the movie cause that’s what it’s all about. Other than that, it’s a predictable crime drama that tries to distract you with a lot of empty action sequences. The film has no feeling to it at all. I never get to a place where I have any emotion towards any of the other characters other than Hemsworth’s. The film has a cleaver story but you see it coming from the very beginning which screws it up. So like I said, good enough if you’re feeling Liam like that. Me, not really.

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