Playing with Dolls: Havoc

It’s funny. One of the girls in this movie, Stormi Maya is really hot. I became interested enough in her to check out what she has done so far in her career. I personally came across her after watching her in a bit role in Hustlers, a great movie by the way.

Playing with Dolls: Havoc is the sequel to playing with Dolls so I had to see that movie first. Though I like the concept of the movie in which some people are selected to be on a reality show in which the slasher that’s going to pick them off one by one is a little too real, the movie in itself was not really that scary, gory but not scary, which was lame simply becauseĀ  they had the making of a great new Slasher they gave the name Havoc (hence the sequel’s title).

I would not recommend seeing Playing with Dolls and I can’t recommend seeing Havoc either. The same problem still exist only it gets worse. It’s not scary, what makes it worse about being not scary is that they go through Havoc’s backstory just a little, not enough to distract from the film but they are a little more in-depth of the concept. He’s some guy from a mental institution who loves to kill and was brought by some evil millionaire who gets hisĀ  rocks off watching this dude kill people.

If your into gore the gore is mediocre. It works but it’s nothing special.

However, really can’t say I did not get my money’s worth ( The movie was not free with my amazon subscription, I had to rent it for extra). Literally, the best part of the movie was Stormi Maya. That’s who I came to see and she did not disappoint, but spoiler alert, because she’s black and in a horror movie she has the stereotype of not much screen time in the film.

Once again great concept but not scary enough.

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