Playing With Dolls

So the big problem I have with this movie is that it’s not scary. It could have been amazing but somehow it turned the scary button off.
A cheap movie that I found on amazon that looked like it would be filled with the sex and violence an 80s kid would need to fill his October needs.
Playing with dolls, possible not the most unique concept in which a group of people are selected for a reality show where they are picked off one by one by a slasher for the chase to be the Final Girl (though the players are a mix of guys…and dolls) and win some money. They all think that the slasher bid if fake but the dude putting this shit together has the real thing on his payroll.
The slasher concept was actually pretty cool. a little Jason Voorhees with a little of the Director’s own flavor to it. It was a nice job, too bad is was not a particular scary job.
somehow they really missed that mark. If I where to say what really went wring is that the gore part was done well and they seem to focus on that to a fault.
When it comes to these cheap movies I do like to give an A for effort but it’s not worth seeing.

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