Duck Tales: The Movie: Tresure of the Lost Lamp(1990)

My interest in seeing this movie actually came from me recently reading Duck Tales comic books. Something I never done before but I was curious. I grew up watching Duck Tales as an animated series always wondering why Donald Duck was not a bigger part of the show, as he seems to be in the comic book. From what I understand about the original Duck Tales cartoon is that Uncle Scrooge and his adventures in the comic were so huge that granting him a show based on the adventures was a no brainier, but to have super star Donald Duck always on the show could have overshadowed the main character that was the trillionaire adventurer (Would have been cool to see Donald Duck in movie for at least a cameo).
Noted about the adventures in the comic versus the cartoon is that the name Uncle Scrooge made a lot more sense. His persona as a cheap money hungry duck was far more up front than it is on the children’s cartoon which wanted to tone it down cause these are not the lessons you want to teach children. This could possibly the reason why in the comics I ready none of the stories were adapted to the cartoon which seems to feature completely different adventures from the comic despite the adventures from the comic looking like they would be perfect for the cartoon. With one exception: Treasure of the Lost Lamp.
I noted reading the comic and Treasure of the Lost Lamp was the only story that got a full issue(most issues were divided into two of three stories) I remember that Treasure of the Lost Lamp was the subject for Duck Tales the movie and I wanted to rewatch the film while the comic book adaption was fresh in my head.
What’s funny is that on the animated series Uncle Scoorge and his nephews actually went after a genie in the lamp making this genie the second.
I heard that Treasure of the Lost Lamp was going to be the first in a trilogy that did not happen and I understand why. It’s not that Treasure of the Lost Lamp was not good but it was not better than what was happening on the animated series, which already techicallhy had it’s on trilogy of movies: Treasure of the Golden Sun, which was the five-part miniseries that started off the cartoon, Ducks in time, which was the five part miniseries that I think started off the second season of the show, and then there was super Duck Tales which when it first premiered it was given a movie like status with a world premiere on the Wonderful World of Disney. I remember as a kid wanting to see it so badly because it was the movie that would show the origin of Gizmo Duck, who I loved as a kid.
Despite the animation being slightly better to get it to that movie quality, the layout of the story was no different from Super Duck Tales and Ducks in Time (I think that was the title of the miniseries), which introduced the character of Bubba Duck, the caveboy. The genie of the lamp pretty much was introduced in the same manner (All the Duck Tales movies are so similar that one common bit is that somehow Scoorge McDuck makes it to jail). If the Duck Tales series had kept going on I would not be surprise if the genie of the lamp became a perinate part of the duck tales crew (interesting enough The villain of this story has a henchman name Djaun who I do remember being on an episode of Duck Tales)
Overall it was an impressive adaption turning about 30 pages of comic in to a 72-minute film. They had to add a lot to the story but most of the addiction had to do with the animation drawing out what was already intact. In that sense Duck Tales the movie was perfect. However, so was Duck Tales the series, so why would the kids of the 1990s drag their parents to the theatres to see something that is just as good on the small screen? Exactly.

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