Annabelle Comes Home

Wow! Interring fact. This was the first scary movie I ever went to see and a woman brought her crying baby and was ask to leave. Note, this is not the only time I’ve been to a scary movie and mom decide to bring her toddler, it happens often, but it’s the first the kid was crying so much that they head to bring security and ask her to go.

Was this movie that scary? For a baby, yes, but most likely that baby was creeped out like the rest of us over Annabelle. An interesting side step to the Conjuring universe the movie focuses around the Warren couples daughter who shares her mother’s psychic powers and is left in a home alone situation with the baby sitter whose best friend was dumb enough to fuck with the forces of evil that is Annabelle.

Its a cool film for those of us (not me) who wanted to geek out on the conjuring universe as the movie shows you a lot of the supernatural things the Warrens hold in that room and how they are used. One of my favorites is an old tubed tv from the 50s that can predict your horrible death, cause it plans on making it come true.

Annabelle comes home is not all that scary. It almost works like a tiny version of Avengers end game in the guise that if you put that much effort into watching these movies you’ll get a kick out of some of the geek factor  that is Annabelle comes home

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