The Rescuers

When you think about it, it’s like a blueprint for Chip N Dale’s rescue rangers. I would not be surprised if that was the original plan but Disney was like we need more spice to follow up Duck Tales (especially since Donald Duck only makes guess appearances).

The Rescuers was more of an action comedy buddy cop type situation, though the Rescuers has its light humor, thanks to Mr. Bernard being voiced by the always awkward sounding Bob Newhart, it was more of a heartwarming police drama as Bernard and Miss Bianca (played by golden age film star Eva Gabor) almost feels like Eliot stabler and Olivia Bensen as they follow the clues to track down a little orphan girl who needs their help.

The chemistry between Miss Bianca, who the real Rescuer(a mouse club (no not that one) that gets their jollys by saving children) and Mr. Bernard who acts like a janitor for these upscale international mice( yet, I’m sure he’s not getting paid for it) watching these two go around the country (Yeah, not bad for rodents)  trying to save a child in danger was entertaing. Also loved the bird, Orville,who used himself as a airplane service.

Not the most top notch animation coming from a time when Disney was being cheap about it, but the charater driven story was good, even for its time as it did make a sequel, the Rescuers Down Under, which I remember to be a huge thing. Though the Little Mermaid gets credit for bringing Disney animation back to its glory, the Rescuers 2 should gets some props for  its blend of computer animation and hand drawings, cause now everyone does computer animation( of course Beauty and the Beast as a follow up to the Little Mermaid is a better story to tell)

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