Murder Mystery

Adam Sandler’s performance in this movie totally makes it. All the signicant laugh out loud moments happen with a Sandler persona that was at like level six, playing like an older more relaxed version of let’s say Mr. Deeds or
Something. It was perfect, just giving enough to make the point versus going extreme.

I must admit, Jenifer Aniston role in the movie seems to be just making Sandler look good. They had great chemistry as a couple that’s been married for 15 years, it was believable. She worked well as Sandler’s straight man and the tool used to move along the plot.

As a…murder mystery, I was not that intrested. I might feel different if I was a fan of these types of novels like Aniston’s character is. The film pokes fun of the genre without disrespecting it, but maybe they should have to make it more interesting, but then again, it was better than Kenneth Brannah’s Murder on the Oreint Express, which was the real deal murder mystery and was real boring.

Or maybe I just don’t like murder mysteries, but I did like Aniston and Sandler as a team. I feel like this is not their first team up but if it is, it’s well worth taking a look just for that.

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