I know I saw Junmanji a long time ago cause I remember certain things about it, rewatching it this time, but I can’t Remember how I felt about the special F/X.

As of 2019, the effects are good because they really help in telling the story, but they look really animated and not realistic. Like I said, what is important is that the story is not effected by how cartoonish the effects look to me now, but of course time never favors CGI, espically now cause Hollywood has gotten so good at it.

Junmanji feels like a strange ghost story to me. By strange I mean it’s not met to scare you but excite you. It’s not a horror movie, it’s an adventure movie.  The 2017 remake is more of an action comedy, but from what I see in this story, you could have asked James Wan to do the remake and make it part of his conjuring universe.

Robin Williams is sensational. Watching films like this makes you sad that he will never make another film again. Rest In Peace. Jumanji is a great part of his legacy, he’s just too fantastic.

Overall, the movie does hold up despite CGI being in its toddler stage at the time. It’s an exciting thrilling adventure. I loved watching it.

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