The Infiltrator

Well done crime drama for Bryan Cranston
The Infiltrator is a perfect fit for Bryan Cranston. It has the right amount of Walter White elements to wheel us in, but this time around he gets to be on the other side of Law Enforcement (well sort of)

As Robert Mazur, Cranston plays a seasoned undercover cop on the verge of taking down the biggest drug cartel in history, at the same time, he’s trying to balance his personal life with his career.

A lot of the strength in the movie is the moments when the cops are on the balance beam and attempt not to cross the line, with intense moments of Mazur’s career and family accidentally crossing paths.

An excellent performance by John Leguizamo when it comes to this. He plays a undercover cop who gets too excited about being undercover. He has his moments when he explores the darkness and it gets to him, which are very deep. Plus he was a good Yin to Cranston’s Yang.

I love Benjamin Bratt in the film (Although, getting a little tired of him playing the head of the drug cartel in all these movies)

The Infiltrator was a perfect blend of gritty crime drama with a dark sense of humor. The combo made for a realness in the police work.

The cinematography does a good job in getting us into the 1980s era, and helps with the grittiness. sometimes it did feel like I was being beaten over the head with footage that places in the time period but that’s fine.

Overall this a a point for Bryan Cranston as a good leading man, and it’s a great crime drama.

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