Bad Asses On the Bayou

I guest Roger Murtaug was wrong: You never too old for this shit!
Mr. Trejo has been living prof that you’re never too old to kick ass and take names, even before his turn in the original Bad Ass, but how fitting that in Bad Asses he teams up Mr. Glover disproving his famous Lethal Weapon Statement. It gets no better than to have have one of the originals from the buddy cop action movie genre to be your buddy in an action comedy.
The bad asses head for the bayou to be guest at a wedding of a close friend (Lonni Love from the View), and the thing about being a Bad Asses is that sometimes trouble finds you.

This becomes true when the bride to be is kidnapped and the two  Bad Asses have to find her.

Mr. Trejo and Mr. Glover due Bad Ass so well. It’s all entertainment when these dudes start beating on the bad guys then complain about how there knees are acting up.  Do whole movie sets a better example for aging action hero an the Expendables does.

Here’s to hoping that Bad Asses in Bang cock actually happens.


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