Here’s the thing. Never that big of a fan of Lord of the Rings. I liked it when it came out and thought nothing of it when they stopped making the movies. Not that I’d did not enjoy them at the time but it’s not my thing.
I kinda felt this movie was trying to tell is the story of Tolkien as it he was Fordo sort of, and the problem with that is that he’s not Fordo, so the story telling I found boring.
It’s long a boring and did not capture my imagination as my mind wonders from boredom.
It’s too bad this movie was more about the brother hood Tolkien made as a child over his relationship with his wife. The only parts I found interesting was Nicolas Hoult interacting with Lily Collins.
If you loved the books go see and even if you are just familiar with the movie, which the film does give a little poke to, this could be interesting. Everyone else stay home

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