Kick of the Kickboxers

Does get a little better as it progresses, you get use to the corny and the cheesy. You wonder if the laugh this movie’s not attempting to make is worth it? Actually I’m going to say it is. It’s so bad it’s good. You can’t help but to be entertained by a rookie Billy Blanks, playing an overdone bad guy. Plus, we see boobs. Not too bad.

King of the Kickboxer is about a kid whose kickboxing champ of a brother gets murdered and when he grows up to become a cop he gets a chance to seek revenge by going undercover in Thailand.

Its a strange rip off of Kickboxer: A brother that gets killed by a kickboxing champion and now the little brother has to face the kickboxing champion (or rather movie star), and the little brother gets kickboxing lessons from a master who literally teaches him how to do Van Damme like splits.

I will say, I like the story being told. The cop goes undercover as a kickboxing champion in Thailand in hopes that he’s good enough to be selected by a movie studio doing marshal arts flicks with stunts that are too deadly.

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