Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (#72 out of 1,001 (What!? Really!?)

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the movie, but is it so good you have to see it before you die? I’m not convince.

Give it to the film for being oddly unique. Bueller’s persona slightly differs from other main protagonist at the time cause in reality he’s a sidekick. Usually in teen comedies like this, Bueller would be that annoying best friend in the film that would try to convince the main protagonist to do stupid things (You’re probability thinking that Ferris’s own sidekick/best friend, Cameron is the type of protagonist I’m talking about, but he’s more likely to be the school nerd that gets to hang with the cool kids cause they came up together before such labels were stamped on them.)

I’ve seen a few online post that would suggest that Ferris Bueller is actually a villain, I see there point, but technically, this movie is about teenage rebellion done “80s cool”, something that some of the millennials may have missed.

What really makes me feel that I can live without Ferris Bueller is a little show called Parker Lewis Can’t Loose. See the character of Parker Lewis is pretty much the same as Ferris Bueller. Two middle class teenage males exploiting their white privilege to the best of their abilities (What? it’s true?).

What Bueller did I was far more entertained with Parker Lewis doing. This maybe a little unfair as with Lewis being on a TV show, he had more time to develop himself as a character (although it was a sitcom so not really), but I should point out that they did a TV series adaption of Ferris Bueller which tried to compete with Parker Lewis and that shit failed

So there you have it Parker Lewis can’t loose and Ferris Bueller does not need to be seen before I die!