No Escape, No Return (From Watching this movie!)

Awful? It’s hard to say that. What it is was something that I was not expecting which could have been better, but was just cheesy.

You have three hot headed cops, the shoot first ask questions later type. The type of cops we have in real life but shouldn’t, but in the movies they usually are the heroes, but John McClain these three are not, which is why when these three are assigned for a black ops like covert mission and the shit hits the fan the police department has not problem sweeping them under the rug and with all sides eventually chasing them down they only have each other to lean own.

I feel like this would have made a great video game like Streets of Rage or something, but the potential of the movie is clouding the reality of what this is. I was expecting an b-action movie, what it was is a police dramatic thriller, but not a good one like you see on TV. Even with the addiction of 21 Jump Street’s Dustin Nguyen as one of the cops this movie suffers from my inability to take it seriously at all.

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