The Ultimate Fight

So it seems I’m just going down the list of Marshal arts movies on my Amazon Prime account. Not a bad way to spend a few days. I suggest putting your focus on a man named Don “the Dragon” Wilson he never let’s down.

How many Karate guys have the nickname dragon?

Then I saw this movie poster and noticed that Ernie Reyes Jr. was on it! Don’t know who Ernie Reyes Jr. is? that’s too bad for you.

Young Ernie is the son of a stunt coordinator who started out his career as a child actor. As a teen he was a Tae kwan do expert, which is how he landed parts in such kick as movie as Conan the Destroyer and The Last Dragon (An Urban classic so if you were a black 80s baby, you’ll recognize his face

Or that mop top

Junior even had his own show called Sidekicks where he help a over the hill cop solve crimes and shit. A stupid sitcom but we did get to see little Ernie kick ass on a weekly basis.

Now most of you 90s babies may recognize Ernie Reyes Jr. as being Keno from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles two: the secret of the Ooze (and on a side note he was the stuntman inside the Donatello suit in the first ninja turtles film)

He also had his first starring role in a little movie called Surf Ninjas, a very 90s comedy but always worth it to see Ernie doing his thing.

It’s funny, Reyes once did an interview in which he stated he was kinda being typecast in the somewhat family friendly marshal arts action (I’m surprise that he was not a power ranger). For the most part this is true cause when I think of Ernie Reyes Jr. I do think kiddie like kicks (Despite how hard hitting they can be)

It almost feels like this movie is attempting to wipe this image (but not doing a good job, but that’s ok). Directed by Ernie Reyes Jr. himself and starring another child actor possibly trying to wipe his own child star image Corin Nemec (or Corin “Corky” Nemec as he was known when he was a child actor), possibly best known for his starring role in theFerris Bueller rip off, Parker Lewis Can’t loose.

Ernie Reyes Jr does the directors chair right in the fact that he’s one of the stars in the movie, figuring the world would want to see him in the flick, but he did not make himself the center of attention, allowing him to handle double duty to his best ability.

In a lot of ways the Ultimate fighter looks like Ernie Reyes Jr. gather a lot of his friends (A lot of them who seem to be stuntmen themselves ) and just filmed them doing segments

There is a story about a Filipino marshal arts master who comes to america and runs into Reyes character, who is impressed by what this guy can do. Then their is the added story about a drug dealer named Hitler trying to get his organization’s money together.

To be very honest no story is really connecting here, the only thing that’s really connecting is Reyes’ foot to someones ass. Plus you get a double scoop of this cause just like with Suft Ninjas, Ernie’s day Reyes Sr, has a role in the film as…Well Ernie Reyes Junor’s dad. it only seems to porve the fact that this flick was just a showcase for the stunt team gather here, a few of which look like men color (possibly Filipino┬álike The Reyes family).

I wonder of Junior ever did an episode of Walker Texas Ranger?

Anyway, I did not capture the story, which by the end looked like it was suppose to be an important message about family and heritage , but I can’t expect gold from Junior’s first flick. Then again watching Junior kick was worth it’s weight in gold.

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