Bad Santa 2

It was just OK, but I really did enjoy myself.

I’m sure I’ve seen the 1st one but don’t remember it, not that you need to see the 1st one to get the sequel, but it does make a lot of references to the original.

So Billy Bob Thornton plays Bad Santa one more time in order to rob a charity run by the beautiful Christina Hendrix (Always worth the ticket price).

Tony cox returns as Bad Santa’s elf and partner in crime. Adding to the gang is Bad Santa’s mom played by Katy Bates who was good for a few laughs.

It’s a sequel like all other sequels to be straight forward. whatever magic made Bad Santa so worth wild that they made a sequel to it, you will not find here, falling perfectly into the sequel formula. Yet it does have it’s moments when you can’t help but to smile at all the hi jinks. Plus Thornton and Bates are pretty good actors so when they get together for those emotional parts it’s kinda cool.

So it’s not worth going out to check out really, just funny enough to catch it if you have nothing else to do.

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