Miss Sloane

I went to go see this movie simple because Jessica Chastain was in it. I’m a fan of her work in drama, the same way I’m a fan of Kristen Wiig in comedy, Zoe Saldana in Sci-fi and Michelle Rodriguez in action (Hopefully one day they’ll let her get top billing), and this was great drama.

It was never boring, Thank God! Cause these things can easily bore me. It’s filled with a lot of political mumbo jumbo that was not fully easy for me to comply, but the emotional tones coming from the amazing actors really help me grasp all the legal stuff happening.

Overall, Miss Sloane is a very political fantasy style movie, and I say this with a jaded tone due to where the U.S is politically right now. I feel like Miss Sloane is telling a story only true in Hollywood. It tries not to be that Hollywood formula, it’s buried nice and deep but it gets there.

Still, it is a well done story. I like when movies give you enough clear information that allows the viewer to understand and see were the movie is going, I especially like it when the movie is capable of giving the viewers a lot of twist and turns to try to toss you off the sent of what’s going to happen, but at lease when it does happen the montage recap that you see in all movies like that, the clues are not just made up but were very clear from the beginning.

The political thriller had me on the edge of my seat the whole time like it was an action movie or a horror flick, and Jessica Chastain has the kind of charisma that keeps you rooting for her, even though Miss Sloane is not always the nicest person.

The film has grace and style and a great ensemble cast that includes Mark Strong, Alison Pill,John Lithgow and Sam Waterson, but keep in mind this is Miss Chastain vehicle and she drives it well.

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