So whereas Get Out was brilliant in that Jordan Peele was able to turn a Key and Peele sketch into a horror film, Us is a slightly more unmistakable as a horror movie.

Its not as funny, and a little more creepy starting stright from the beginning. Almost like Get Out was an attempt to movie from sketches to movies while Us is the full transition.

Winstein Duke and Lupita were great in it. Good chemistry (must be a Yale university thing as the two went to college there). Along with he two kids playing their children they really clicked together to make for some or the more humorous moments as well as helping us get into the fear.

It has a Night of the Living Deadvibe to it, as we focus on a vacationing family’s personal take on a bigger issue. The movie does has a series of twist and turns that make easier to keep intrest, so I’m never bored.

However, overall the story is a bit to artistic. If Peele is trying to send me a message it went over my head. I’ll have to see it again to find out, and it is worth seeing again.

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