The frist thing I noticed watching this movie on dvd that I did not notice watching in the theatre is that the film score is absolutely amazing. It’s making this movie feel far more alive for me.

It’s funny how the film goes from being set in Prague to being set in New Jersey.  Not familiar with Newerk’s landscape but it would not shock me at all if they actually never left Eastern Europe, cause while we are to assume that a handful of characters are from Jersey, I know enough about Jersey to notice none of the archetype characters exist.

A dude name Kellan Lutz leads this vechicle as a rookie CIA agent trying to prove something to his dad, Bruce Willis because as a young boy he choked when villains looking to get his dad killed his mom and dad’s partner has to same him, now he gets on the field to save his dad whose working on a mission involving a new secret weapon.

Gina Carano also stars as an ex-lover of Lutz’s charater and another CIA agent who helps him  find his dad. Extraction works as a good vechicle for Lutz showcasing his action hero skills, but for Carano she’s more of a overgrown damsel. By the point this film comes out Carano has made good in the action realm. Good enough to not have her play such a weak second fiddle.

Its cool, considering that the whole film revolves more around Lutz and it’s only for him to shine. Even Willis, who looks like he took a large pay check to film a very small but important role was just their to help Lutz shine.

When it comes down to it, however, Extraction is a decent action film. A nice fast pace thriller with great fight scenes, layer with a great film score. Lutz is not changing the game with this, not even with the help of Carano and Willis, but it’s on the top level of watchable.

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