Cool Disney Princess, and it does not hurt to have the most electrifying man in sports entertainment in your ring corner.

I’m gonna go out on the limb and say the Rock may have had some influence on this movie being made. That at least someone at Disney who was a fan of Dwayne Johnson, saw his Samoan heritage and said we should make a movie about a Pacific Island Demigod so he can voice it, and here we are.

And this movie has The People’s Champ written all over it. Moana will charm the paints off of you. It puts a smile on your face that does not go away.

I can’t help but to compare this Disney Princess with the one from Brave. They have a lot in common being strong female warriors, but I like Moana better because she stands even more differently than most Disney princesses. not just the color of her skin, but you can see it in her independence. Plus, I like how Disney does a little poke at itself addressing the stereotypes of Disney Princesses always being in dresses and having a animal sidekick, In this case, Moana is joined on her journey by a bird brained chicken who can’t tell the difference between a rock and food.

Oh, and speaking of the Rock, let’s get back to him and how awesome he was in this flick as Maui, a egotistical trickster spending too much time talking about how amazing he is. With any other voice he would be a jerk, but not in the hands of Mr. Johnson. The Rock even gives us a classic Disney song that has been stuck in my head for days now.

The animation was very good in this film as well. Typical of Disney movies they try to respect the culture that they are taking the story from, which gives it the essence of another Disney animated feature about a Demigod, Hercules. Very similar with animation upon animation coming to life (but instead of carvings from a Greek temple it’s , Maui’s tattoos that have a personality all on it’s own).

Absolutely worth every dime to see it in 3D too. The movie is big just like the water they sail across and it’s big like the bad guys they face, and you want to see that in a big theater.

Worth checking out.

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