Now, does it count as sexism when the stereotype is implied by the sex with the stigma?

Basically, two waitresses purchase a run down in debt Drive-In (one that just serves food) from their former boss (Played by the iconic Dick Miller), and turn it into a successful business, by serving more than food.

Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to be too woke while watching these old films met for only sexpolation purposes. These days, you can no longer take things for what they are (or were), as if though I had a Delorean that can do 90 and take me back when I could change things.

Guarantee StarHops is the last film I’m interested in changing.

That 70s decade was a strange time for liberation. The thing about Starhops is that it’s a feminist movie. The movie at its core is about women getting together to create a successful business, and as a result, they stick it to an overbearing cowboy-type white man who not only told them they could not do it but tried his best to make sure his word is bond (In all fairness their success was getting in the way of his own plans for the Starhop).

I can dig it, considering the same decade produced such great movie stars as Pam GrierĀ  and Jim Brown with a double edge sword that other superstars that look like them had to play up drug dealers and pimps (over doctors and lawyers) as heroes.

Of course in today’s age most people probability only see the fact that these girls are using their feminine wilds to to get what they want from men (or maybe not, cause it’s a women’s right to shake that money maker to get ahead so long as it’s on her terms and not a man’s right? I’m seriously asking.).

Well, to be honest Starhop is a pretty laid back comedy and it’s not as aggressive with the sexualized behavior making no where near as bad as some of it’s contemporaries. there is no nudity, just the three main women cast members looking as hot as they possibly can. in fact when each girl begins her love scene we see nothing but long shots of the sun rising and flowers growing (really strange actually). When it comes to the argument of the generation gap on feminism, This could be one of those movies that the blogging Millennials (like me) will “discover and allow to stay. At least I hope so simply for a cool scene in which the white girls that run the Starhop enter a bar and dance the night away with a few young black dudes (Who were not stupid enough to fall for their sex trap of being free labor to help them with their drive-in)

Like I said if i had a DeLorean…

Not the best film ever made but I thought, despite what’s on the surface, it’s a film that shows women in a positive light. They start as underdogs to become successful and they do it by kicking ass (both metaphorically and impressively literally) and being pretty funny.

Much more amusing than I was expecting.