Captain Marvel

A Fun ride that did not sparkle.

Honestly, I went into this movie hoping it was going to try to top Black Panther, but what I saw on the screen was a great episode of Agents of SHIELD.

It’s a good movie, it’s not the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s a good movie.

The movie starts out so fantastic with their homage to the Man himself, Stan Lee in one awesome opening, but that High note levels out quickly.

Brie Larson, as Captain Marvel was not what I was really expecting. I was not expecting her to smile, cause that’s not who she is in the comic book, but Carol Danvers was a very Captain America type in the comic. I did not feel that and I do feel this effected the action a lot, which was just OK.

I did love the chemistry between Captain Marvel and Nick Fury, played once again by Sam Jackson who like Larson played a Fury I’m not fully use to, which make sense because he’s playing a young Fury  before he even though of the concept of the Avengers. Man, did Sam look good in this movie. I don’t think it was all CGI that was taking the age off his body, as I think Jackson has started a vegan lifestyle that took off the pounds. He was lean and mean, but I’m surprise they did not make him look like Jules Winnfield sense the movie takes place in 1994.

Captain Marvel’s attempts to put us in the 90s were real hit and miss. The jokes about how technically has changed  since the 90s were hilarious, but the attempts to be like Guardians of the Galaxy with selective Girl power hits of the period being used as part of the soundtrack did not really do it for me.

The Skrulls were amazing in this film, I really like the change that they made in who they are that turned out to be very cleaver and very intelligently updated (despite the movie being place in the past), it’s a perfect Marvel story arch.

Also love Annette Bening in her role. The only thing that fully worked for the pace of the film.

Honestly, If women go into this movie and come out wanting to be Captain Marvel than perfect, The film’s goal was completed, but I did not come out of this film wanting to be Captain Marvel, a hero whose comic book version I would totally want to be (and unlike Wonder Women two years prior in which I did leave wanting to be The God-like Amazon princess, In fact Captain Marvel makes Wonder Woman look like an even better picture)

Nothing particular wrong with the movie and nothing bad about it. It’s a solid hit. However it’s not epic, not epic at all. Compared to recent entries in the Marvel blockbusters this one just does not take me there.



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