LFC: Lingerie Fighting Championships

Filmed as a Mockumentary in the style of a Reality show, This low cost straight to a bad streaming channel barely motion picture is about a woman who starts a MMA league of women wearing Lingerie because in her words she felt that the women of the UFC are too ugly.

Here’s the thing.  The women in this movie are not really a step up from the women in the UFC. The only real difference is that the women of the UFC are there to fight, this fake ass movie is about a bunch of women who are here to look pretty.

Too be honest, there is nothing wrong with that. It’s obvious that this is the goal of the film, to watch hot women pretend that they can fight, toss love taps at each other for a minute, before finding a reason to roll around the floor for another ten. I get it, but it does kinda piss me off when the so called fictional owner of this fictional organization calls real female fighters ugly, when without make up the chicks in the flick would be indistinguishable from any lovely lady in the UFC.

The mock doc tried to be funny and sexy and does neither. It’s so uninteresting that it’s niche gets dull real quick. Like I said, the ladies are not that hot to keep interest.

In fact the only really cool moment of the film was a really horrible stereotype about the fact that everyone wants to see two Asian chicks roll around in the ring in hot underwear. It’s a laugh out loud moment that almost makes the movie worthy as just being a set up for that moment…almost. They could have made this a half hour bit with the Asian chick thing being the mid section punch line and this would have been solid gold.

As a feature they tried to do some interesting things, like this bit where the girls seem to be getting interviewed in real time, meaning that as they fought they did inter cuts of the girls talking about the fight and if the girl was doing bad in the ring you could see her face change with the bruises she took in the fight. That was cleaver, but not cleaver enough.

And I do mean to use the word girl, not fighter. I was hoping that LFC would be that wicked combination of hot chicks beating the crap out of each other (and if you want to see that I recommend a flick called Bicthslap), but these girls were not fighters by any use of the word and they were not hot enough (and this movie had the nerve to dis the fighters of the UFC?)

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