The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Not really a fan. Never really got it, especially to the point that I would get dressed up as a character from the movie in some midnight release. Sometimes I wished I liked the movie that much as it always seem like something fun to do, but I’ve seen the movie twice and it does not spark me like I hoped. Then again, I never really enjoined musicals that much so…

It was fun to see a young and hot Susan Sarandon who looks like the girl next door and it was very stimulating seeing her character being seduced by a transvestite played by a young Tim Curry.

One of the cool parts of watching an old movie that I have not seen in years was that you sometimes recognize people you would have not recognized before, like Barry Bostwick who I know as the Mayor of New York in the Micheal J. Fox show Spin City. He’s young and thin and I totally missed it the first time that it was him.

The only song I really like was Time Warp (or that was the song that got suck in my head.)

Yeah, I wished I like it more.

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