Even though only a section of the film is animated using rotoscope, the whole movie has an indi comic feel, like Love and Rockets of Ghost World (which was made into a film)

The animation looks like  it’s the same as A Scanner Darkly, possible done by the same animation team, but in A Scanner Darkly it seems like the animation was a bigger arch.

It’s an interesting circle about three people. Emma who works at a Factory that makes sex dolls, draws pictures of herself being a beautiful busty femme fatale, an image that the guy she’s sleeping with finds absurd. In retaliation, she draws her dream guy, Eddie, a hot Spanish action film director who’s doing a film he plans to use to take himself serious, but comes across a little problem when Emma, unhappy with her new boobs decides to get rid of the “package” that made him a hot commodity in Hollywood, and effects the making of his film about Michelle, a Brazilian model  tired of being judge on her looks, who goes home to write a novel that just so happens to be about Emma.

It’s a nicely layered story and becomes very surrealistic, as all three story tellers take us through their creative process, and if anyone knows anything about the creative process, the story goes through constant changes which switches  the tone in order to make the story work.

It’s a very unformulated movie that goes from the tame to the outrageous, and keeps me captivated with some very interesting personas moving on the screen.

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