Salmon khan! Salmon Khan! Salmon Khan!

Took me a while to see it cause the show times I could go to were all sold out. I could see why. This movie was pure excellence.

Love action packed Bollywood movies and notice over the years when I go to see them this Salmon Khan guy is usually the star of it, so I figure he must be big in Bollywood, and not just in size, mimicking my 80s American action heroes.

It’s interesting, I thought this dude went to jail for killing someone, when did he have time to make this flick?

This movie is like The Robert Rodriguez film, From Dusk Till Dawn it’s starts off as one sports movie about a guy who becomes a wrestling champ for love than after the usual Bollywood interval cut, it becomes another movie about an ex wrestler seeking redemption in a new ring of mixed Martial arts.

It’s as sophisticated as Raging Bull. Khan plays Sultan, a man who finds love and in order to get her becomes a wrestler, but his climb to become a national hero puts a strain on the relationship. Eight years later as a middle age man,  Down on his luck, and with everything against him: age, size etc. He puts it all on the line for what he loves the most.

The movie is all about heart and it has plenty of it. One of the best, if not the best movie I’ve ever seen showcasing mixed marshal arts. It’s like Blood Sport or The Quest or some other Van Damme flick were he’s in the ring with a variety of fighters. He faces such real deal fighters as Marrese Crump (who wowed us in fights with Tony Jaa in the Protector 2).

Khan was in pretty good shape himself. Very dedicated  to the role he starts out out of shape then gets back into shape and then gets back out of shape and back into shape. I just think it was cool that he let himself get fat to do the role, but even better was that we got two training montages in the movie.

Even the musical numbers, which I usually don’t like, at least make sense when everyone breaks out in it.

I see the movie is like fire in the box office which is great because everyone should experience Salmon khan.

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