Evils of the Night

Hey! I’ve seen this flick before. I usually take off my Amazon Prime list any movie I’ve seen before but this was still here.

From the moment I saw the first nude scene I knew I seen it before, and when I saw that first nude scene I knew I had to watch it again. Not that this film has the best nudity in the world, but I did find it fascinating that I recognize a few of the actresses and actors as adult film stars.

Makes senses if you really think about. Hiring a group of people who get naked for a living to be in your campy b-movie sci-fi/Horror flick where nudity is a must to sell tickets is a no brainier. Back then in the 80s though porn stars were a little better at acting then they are now cause they actually had to do acting back in the 80s when Porn films actually had scripts and shit.

On top of the porn stars (ha!), there was a parade of stars from the old guard, back in the day when campy films like this were taken slightly more seriously and the girls kept some of their clothes on. Such stars like Ginger Grant from Gillian’s island, one of the Catwoman from the 66 Batman show and John Carradine.

Anyway, I’m gonna say Evils of the Night works for what it’s trying to do, sell T&A. It’s parody of campy 50s like Sci-fi and the then contemporary slasher flicks move a mediocre story along, that’s inter cut with a lot of hot young people rumpling around a lake before they are violent murdered by space aliens.