Went in expecting nothing,  but came out with so much!

Morgan is one of those movies you see done by Producers and Directors who want to start out in the film industry and show what they can do. It takes place in one area and has a small cast.

The big difference between those small below budget movies and Morgan is that this movie is produced by Ridley Scott and directed Luke Scott, a name I’ve never herd before, yet rings a loud bell if you get my drift. So obviously, Scott’s one location is going to look far more elaborate than other one location shoots and have a small cast made of some very familiar faces.

It has a very Horror film style to it, with a cabin in the woods and taking more of a pre psycho style to the Horror. In this Sci-fi Drama, Morgan is a Frankenstein-like monster, a human created in a lab by a group of mad scientist, but unlike Frankenstein’s Monster, Morgan is a little more aware of her small group of villager’s feelings on her and is design to be more capable to deal with it, making everyone’s fears on Morgan come true.

Kate Mara was really hot in this movie. It’s definitely a personal appeal for me as I watch. Though she is part of an ensemble cast she takes the center of attention like I’ve never seen before in a movie, and despite the strange haircut, she’s very sexy as a cold hearted pencil pusher for a huge corporation.  Plus, the movie did not have enough of my preferred eye candy, Michelle Yeoh, who plays the main scientist that put  Morgan together.

Overall, Morgan turn out to be  such a complete film filled with so much goodness. It’s a very meaty story that looks great. Definitely not a coincidence that Luke has the same last name as Ridley


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