Mary ​P​oppin​s​ Returns

It’s funny. The plot starts out with the Banks children all grown up and not believing in the magic of Mary Poppins anymore which makes her task difficult when she comes back to once again help them. My ordeal with the movie has a similar plot.

Mary ​P​oppins was one of those movies that holds a place​ in my heart since childhood, so when ​I​ herd they made a sequel to it, I ​fell into the classic remake/Sequel cliche. ​As an adult​ I’m​ thinking no way is this​ shit going to do anything for me. It’s going to be garbage. Then what happens?​ (Not like all remakes/sequels)​ The movie changes my mind.

I can’t ​ fairly ​compare it to the​ original​ with so much time passing from the ​first​ to the latter but I have to tell you what they did here is utterly fantastic. It’s just as much of a classic. T​he ​​​musical​ numbers are just as good, and you have to give it to the film that the blend of animation and l​i​ve-action is going to be better​, simply cause the technology to ​make it got better.

​It’s a good thing Lin-Manuel Miranda was playing a different charter, Jack​. They make reference that he was a young chimney sweeper from the first movie who grew up. Makes it easier to like his original character versus comparing him to Bert played by Dick Van Dyke, cause he has nothing to live up to, which is good cause Van Dyke steels the show when he makes a small appearance in the movie playing a different character.

​Emily Blunt ​obviously had the hardest task of trying to live up to Julie Andrews, but I thought she did a food job of that. She played up that “cheeky” side of Mary Poppins making the character her own and it works for me.

I think Disney’s attempt to milk a classic actually will make for a classic itself.

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