The kid who would be king.

It’s very good.

Totally reminds me of shit like The Goonies.

It’s all about a young crew of misfits coming together to go on and adventure of a lifetime. So Goonies, very 80s, yet nicely updated for 2019.

I can’t be the only one who hears “Good enough for you is…”

Totally for children though. It’s very funny, but Some of the dialog was corny as hell and it’s met to be an uplifting story even with some of the dark elements.

I noticed that the movie also seems to have a sugarcoated message on how fucked up the world is and only kids can save the future (A very realistic message under the guise of a fantasy movie. As they say across the pound, it’s quite brilliant). Very sugarcoated but so very clear that I was expecting more references about the head of America to be done.

Very promising. The type of movie that all kids should have a copy of at home.

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