Free Solo

Wasn’t El Captain the moutain Captain Kirk climbed Free Solo in Star Trek: The Final Frontier?

Anyway, excellent movie about the human spirit and what can be accomplished. It’s funny how a “sports movie” in general can make you feel like going out and achieving something (other than climbing a mountain for me of course)

I think I’m familiar with Jimmy Chin’s work. It’s the second movie I seen of his and the other one was about climbing mountains as well. Give Jimmy his props as well cause he had to go up there with a camera. The guy knows how to photograph a moutian.

Free Solo was definitely an amazing experience  I was hoping to see it in IMAX but my local theatre stop playing it in the format. Still looked pretty good from my view(I like siting as close to the screen as possible so I had to look up).

breathtaking beauty and very enchanting



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