Yeah, it’s one of those movies for fans of Rob Zombie movies. It’s funny, because if you are a fan of White Zombie and Rob Zombie, you’d expect his movie career to more reflect Frankensten and Wolf-Man, but his movies seem to take on more on a slasher monster vibe.

Zombie has a love of trashy and violent 1970s movies. Those low end ones like I Spit on Your Grave and Ten Thousand Maniacs. What’s good about Zombie is that he’s able to take homage without copying what they are doing. It’s most likely why the film takes place in 1976.

A group of carnie folks are kidnapped by some elite society that put them in a game of survival.

It’s a bizarre film with an ensemble of interesting characters, especially¬† the clowns that¬† are tracking down these five victims Hunger Games style. The one clown called Tube-Head was far better than Jered Leto’s Joker in suicide Squad.

So I must admit, I hate to say it’s not for everyone, but it definitely is not. It more follows the the lowest of the low Grind house cinema and if you like that stuff than it’s for you.

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