School Spirit

When I saw the poster of this movie on my amazon prime account, I’m not sure what I thought I was getting into. I think I was thinking Horror movie with a little bit of porky’s style of comedy in it. As I watch the movie, I realized I was asking for too fucking much.

It’s a porky’s style comedy about a guy so obsessed with getting laid that he ends up killing himself while running around in the middle of the night trying to find a condom.

It’s a similar plot to Ghost Dad in that the sudden shock of a car accident gives him an outer body experience, but the powers of the spirits are  not as complex as Ghost. It does not take much effort to figure out how to use them (Swipe of the head and you take a physical solid form that does not even make in seem that you even died, another swipe and you become invisible). That’s pretty cool. So what does a horny teen do with powers like that? Watch naked girls take a shower,ofcourse. how very 80s style slap stick comedy of them (and very present day rapey).  sometimes it is hard watching these 80s slapstick comedies in present times cause man, I’m woke enough to be uncomfortable with things that even back then should have been considered sexual harassment

It seems like the film missed a golden opportunity here to tell some sort of a ghost story. I’m not asking paranormal activity here I’m thinking  like Ghost Fever. You would not even know it’s a movie about a ghost for most of the film, it’s more about a trouble making college student trying to have sex with a goodie two shoes.

It does have a lot of hot women in it that are scantly clad, which is suppose to make up for the fact that not enough ghost shit is happening here.

It’s effort is really dumb.

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