London Fields

Oh wow! I just saw this in theares and your telling me it’s been out snice 2015? I guess that’s the biz of showbiz, this movie is bizarre enough for me to believe that they could not find anyone who wanted to distribute it.

This also explains why Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are in the same movie. In 2015 I think the two were still together. They did not share any scenes in the movie (Maybe they had to reedited so that was the case explaining the long delay of release).

London Fields love itself far too much that it’s not listening to anyone telling it how dull this is. I will say this, I did not see the ending coming of this mystery because of the oddness of the film, which I can totally respect.

Billy Bob Thornton plays a washed up writer from Hell’s kitchen who switches homes with a hot shot writer from London in hopes he can write¬† his next book and he gets and idea when he discovers his next store neighbor, Amber Herd has predicted that someone will kill her and has agreed to let the writer observe to see how it will lay out.

The film looks beautiful and gets you in the mood of the Murder Mystery. I found it interesting that I could not tell what time period the movie falls under. I think it’s a near future, that has better cell phones then we do now, but I’m not sure. Amber Heard does help in the beauty of this film as it’s definitely her purpose in the film to play that classic Femme Fatale.

I like Billy Bob Thornton and he was interesting enough, although his narration of the film did not get me into the story. This is true of most of the male cast members including Depp who quirky behavior was just corny. I say don’t see it.

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