Viper Club

Wow! I think I only saw one scary movie during this Halloween season (Oh wait! two, Halloween and Hell Fest). This Drama is a little bit scary cause it’s kinda a thriller. I wanted to watch a movie and I saw this pop up on my MoviePass (Oh that’s ironic MoviePass is letting me see a movie), and I read the Synopsis and thought this sounded good.

For me, the movie does not let down. Susan Sarandon plays a nurse whose son’s a freelance journalist who gets kidnapped, while in Syria and she struggles to do what needs to be done to get him back.

It would be a Lifetime movie of the week if it was not for Susan Sarandon’s involvement, and it really helps. Such a fine actress portraying the frustration of a woman who’s son has been missing for three months and it seems like her government is not doing anything and she’s not sure if an alternative that was given to her (the Viper Club the pulls their resources together in order to pay ransoms for kidnapped people the government will not help) will work.

It’s also different from Lifetime as the movie is a real downer, but Ironically that’s what makes it good.