Game Over, Man!

So this had been on my List of things to watch on Netflix for a minute, but it did not look Like I would every get around to it.

That was until I saw Workaholics. This show as so funny (Especially the forth season (so far). Not only that,but Adam, Divine, Blake Anderson, Anders Holm and Kyle Newacheck seem very multi talented, based on the production that goes into the show (With a key focus on the Hip hop music they used to score a few episodes)

I’m only up to binge watching season four actually, but that was enough to push up Game Over Man! on my list, as I had a good feeling that I would laugh and be feeling entertained by these four calibrators who geekness over movies, music and drugs is soo up my alley.

Speaking of geekness, the movie is an obvious homage to Die Hard with one of the members of the terrorist squad trying to kidnap a prince, noting he’s not the black nerd from Die Hard (he’s better). Adam, Blake and Anders get to be John McClain as they play three waiters who want to be game designers who just happen to be the only ones who can save the price, while Kyle takes the mantle of director (Like he did in a few episodes of Workaholics).

If you love workaholics you’ll instantly love Game Over, Man!, cause it feels like Workaholics the Movie. Very little character changes from who they are on the show, but that’s OK cause the whole reason I even put any effort into this film is because workaholics is that good. The only issue with it being so much like Workaholocs is that it Game Over, Man!, does not feature Jillian Bell (past the funnest cameo ever). Instead replacing her with another girl who I had to learn to like better than Jillian and that’s not happening.

Everything that Workaholics gives you plus, with a little more money they give you a few more perks like cameos from D-list stars like Steve-o and Shaggy (who gives the funnest performance of “It wasn’t me” ever)

Definitely, Game On, Man!

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