Brilliant! lives up to the title!!

Once again, based on a book I will likely never read, Genius is about the beautiful bromance Thomas Wolfe had with his editor, Maxwell Perkins.
I love Jude law in this motion picture. He shows up on the screen and you see his face. Then he starts talking like Tom Wolfe and he’s like a completely different person with that accent controlling the vibe. I’ve seen very few films in which the actor has transformed so completely on the screen ( first thing that comes to mind is Anna Karenina). Great performance.

Colin Firth was a little more silent but deadly. He mostly looked on as Jude Law exploded on the big screen, but Firth did have some pretty amusing moments as Max Perkins who gets to feel alive helping to develop the story Wolfe is working on.

Nicole Kidman is still a very beautiful woman. She plays Wolfe’s wife, Aline Bernstein who realizes she loosing Wolfe to the male bonding happening with Perkins. This first becomes relevant with a conversation Bernstein has with Louise Saunders who’s Perkins wife, played by Laura Linney (another attractive woman). At first the run in they have seemed confusing,  but you start see quickly what they are talking about as the two men become engulf in making Wolfe’s novels brilliant.

Guy Pearce  has a small role in the movie as F. Scott Fitzgerald that’s a pretty intense performance.   Dominic West also does a small cameo-like performance as  Ernest Hemingway

I love the art direction of the film. It places you right in the period. It did not feel at all like CGI or blue screen, I could be wrong , but  either Hollywood  got ridiculous good at it or there Are places in the UK that look like that period.

Genius is a fun film thanks the great acting chops of Jude Law, who nails it.

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