All american Bikini Car Wash

From my perception, I’m expecting any movie with both Bikini and Car Wash in the title to have nudity in it. It’s one thing if its just bikini in the title, it could just be about bikinis, but car wash as well…Yeah I’m expecting exposed boobs. This movie does not let down.

Taking place in Las Vegas, it’s the classic story of a group of dudes running a car wash that’s selling more than a new finish when they say body wash.

In the JarĀ  filled with the Kool Aide the specific story revolves around a upper middle class kid (it does not specifically state he’s upper middle class but trust me that’s what he is), about to fail his business class when his teacher gives him a bonus assignment: managing a Car Wash (You know it’s funny, I too was failing business class in college but my professor made me write a paper (see, Upper middle class)

anyway, this kid has one of those 80s type side kick best friend, you know, the horny teen who lives his life getting stoned and chasing girls. He convinces his more straight lace Alpha male friend to hire some of the girls he’s renting rooms out to in the house his dad got for him so he can concentrate on college (Do I need more proof of his upper middle class lifestyle (uUper middle class being a total 80s teen term cause these days he’s just rich)

There’s a third dude who his the looser Nerd stereotype only really worth mentioning cause he’s black. In fact their are a lot of black people in the movie (Well three, but that’s a lot for this type of soft-core porn). Two of which are women who get naked, great!

If this movie was made in the late 80s early 90s, it would have been filled with white girls and rock music, but these days you especially want to get a hip-hop score. Metal still does songs about girls (although I don’t listen to the bands that do), hip-hop is where its at if you just want to create a series of segments montaging hot women washing cars.

Overall, the movie is good. I’ve seen better. It’s no bikini Car wash company, but it’s good to see that the Bikini car wash genre is still alive and well.

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