Dark Future

Nothing says cheap movie like a toy ray gun.

(and they do a close up of the gun!)

So I usually like low budget Sci-Fi films, but I’m starting to think there maybe a budget restrain that I need to follow.

I like a movie that looks cheap not a movie that actually is cheap at least that’s what I’m realizing.

Dark Future takes place in a post apocalyptic world which only a hand full of humans still exist and they areĀ  enslaved by a group of Cyborgs who try to suppress their human emotions

Or at least that’s what the mustache wearing star of the film is telling me. I’m not sure which is worse his acting or the writing. Most likely a little bit of both. He tends top repeat the same dialogue over and over again in the same tone as if to draw out the time frame of the flick.

Way big shinning grace is that I really enjoined the action sequences in the film. Though very cheap, who ever spliced it together with the film score did it perfectly and made for some entertaining moments

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