Good Guys Wear Black (but Chuck Norris Needs his Mustache)

Everyone knows all those memes about Chuck Norris:

Every night the boogie man checks his closet for CHUCK NORRIS!

CHUCK NORRIS was once bitten by a venomous cobra …. After 5 days of excrutiating pain the cobra  eventually died

When George W. Bush said there were weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East he only met that CHUCK NORRIS was on vacation (I made that one up myself)

Any who, I feel these jokes about Chuck Norris’s mythical toughness only works with some facial hair. Despite the fact that I think a dude with a blond mustache is screaming pedophile, It’s like I’m so use to the hair that I can’t see Chuck’s toughness without it . Have you ever scene that Family Guy episode?

I completely believe that he’s hiding that fist under that Beard and  that’s the power of his toughness.

CHUCK NORRIS turned 78 this year. None of this enemies  can say the same (made that one up too)

OK, so Good Guys Wear Black. Sounds like Chuck Norris plays an anti-hero, hard to believe, cause despite not being very talkative, Chuck’s toughness comes from having a heart made gold.

CHUCK NORRIS  died 20 years ago, Death just hasn’t built up the courage to tell him yet.

As John Booker, Norris is a covert agent (dressed in black) who goes on a mission that was planned to go badly by someone looking to set his team up. The mission would turn Booker into a intellectual with strong opinions on how we fucked up the Vietnam War in a character that seems very different from the dude he played in Mission in Action whose hatred of  Vietnam grew from being imprisoned in the country for 7 years , but deep inside they are preaching the same thing on a different vibe.

Otherwise John is living a posh life that includes fast cars and some hot babes until a snooping reporter  (one of the hot babes Norris gets to make love to) reopens John Booker’s old wounds, and has him searching for his old team in order to find out whose trying to kill them all off.

A very dramatic thriller sometimes.Military espionage sometimes police style spy film, and it includes Chuck Norris’s jump kick into a car windshield  movie, so how can it be bad? Chuck Norris was moving with lighting speed in this bitch. some great fighting scenes, and some great action points.

There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of animals CHUCK NORRIS allows to live.