I answered the call, and it was worth it!

It is the movie everyone is talking about(most about how they hate it (even though they did not see it)

Me personally I did not want to say Jack until the film actually came out and I saw it.

I got to admit, I do understand where some geeks are coming from. Me myself I’ve been waiting for a Ghostbusters 3 for over 25 years. Bill Murray is not only still funny but still relevant enough to spear head the return of Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Winston Zeddemore, but tragedy hit, with the death of Egon Spengler. I herd stories of Murray, holding up the sequel and telling them they should kill off Venkman and make him a ghost so they can make the movie without him, but if you ask me, part 3 would never been the same without all Four horsemen.

So with the death of Harold Ramis in 2014, I accepted that Ghostbusters 3 will never and should never be made and with that I was more acceptable for a remake.

When Paul Feig announced that he wanted to do an all female Ghostbusters I was fine with it, because with that announcement came the announcement that Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig would star in the movie, so I knew it had a good chance of being funny (and I have to say good chance because the last few McCarthy movies were not funny (but she did not have Wiig in those movies).

Then that first trailer came out for Ghostbusters. The only thing I like about the trailer was the music. The movie showed me nothing that said this was going to be a good funny movie. It showed McCarthy as being the lead character and Wii being her sidekick. What it did not show was either of them being funny. It showed that Saturday Night live Cast member, Kate McKinnon was going to be a Ghostbuster, but is showed her not doing anything.

But possibly the worse part of the trailer, was Leslie Jones, another Saturday Night Live cast member , and more proof that women are funny. On Saturday Night Live, Jones owns it. She knows who she is and she pokes fun at it, making for some drop dead hilarious moments in those skits. What I hated about Jones’s role in the movie based on the trailer is that this is not an all female Ghostbusters, it’s an all white women Ghostbusters. They basically treating the black chick on the team the same as they treated the black dude in the original. If you did not know, when they originally drafted Ghostbusters, Zeddemore appeared on page 6 as an Air force trained Engineer that turned the the three scientist theories on capturing ghost into a reality. Now what you most lightly did know was that Eddie Murphy was at one point cast as Zeddemore and I’m hoping that it was just a fucked up coincidence that when he backed out that suddenly Zeddemore, now played by another less famous black actor now appears on page 68 as a construction worker who “will believe in anything so long as there’s it a paycheck in it”.

The remake was the opportunity for them to change that with the character of Patty, but instead they barely went a step up making her a civil servant who gets the job as a Ghostbsuter cause she knows New York (in all fairness, I’m sure if Maya Rudolph was available to do the film, Patti would have been an that Air Force trained Engineer (thus the Eddie Murphy/Ernie Hudson situation repeating itself).

This became my only pet peeve about the film. Despite the trailers getting better (with a noted increase to showcasing Chris Hemsworth role in the movie to get the male geeks off their backs (I know it’s politically incorrect to tease about the fact that they needed to decrease the hate of boy geeks by showcasing some beefcake in an all female Ghostbusters, but I just want to put it out there). I was still not into the role of Patti (even though I love love Miss Jones).

So here’s the moment of truth and this is what it comes down too:

It was fun and It was funny.

And I should note the entire (midnight screening) audience was made up of dudes laughing their asses off, having a good time.

Plus, I knew Ernie Hudson was going to do a cameo in it, but every single living Ghostbuster, like Dan Aykroyd who is an Executive Producer on it, supports this movie, cause they know how funny the Four Horsewomen are.

It turns out that the trailers do Kate McKinnon a big disservice, cause she was so funny in the movie as Jillian Holtzmann, an out of her mind Engineer who makes all the Ghostbuster’s gadgets (So she’s the original Zeddmore).

From beginning to end the movie made me laugh. It’s funny, women can be funny, It’s not bridesmaids funny, but what could ever be that funny.

I still wish Patty (or some other woman of color) was one of the core scientist, but once again Leslie Jones owns it and nails. Absolutely Hilarious

I don’t have to tell you that the comedic team of McCarthy and Wiig makes up for the string of crap McCarthy has been doing by herself lately? Cause these two bouncing the comedy off each other was great.

Plus Chris Hemsworth as the receptionist being hired just cause he looked good in a tight shirt was perfect. Not as funny as he was in the remake of Vacation, but fun to watch for all you boy geeks who needed some beefcake to look at when you got tired of the “all-female Ghostbusters”

The Villain they go up against was super cool too. He was a super nerd that used technology to try to bring the end of the world by unleashing a Ghost vortex. If you seen Captain America: Civil War , it’s like a funnier version of that villain.

The special effects in the film were actually top notched, I really like the ghost creations and how they interacted with the live action. It was perfect.

Now, the big issue everyone is talking about is weather this all female remake would be as funny as the original. The answer is yes, it is as funny as the original. Is it as good as the original? Of course not, it’s a remake of a classic, it would never live up to that. At least it’s not the same situation as the 2015 Fantastic Four that had a black Human Torch and even though I love Micheal B. Jordan as the Human Torch and still support that casting, The movie was complete garbage.

The All-female Ghostbusters is sill good and still very funny. However, their focus on being funny made the story unbalanced. The narrative was very weak. Ghostbuster reads more like a sketch comedy brought together with a common theme. Not that there was not a story it just could have been explored better.

Keeping up with the times, Ghostbusters also works as a Superhero movie. The origin of the Ghostbusters was laid out more in detail, their connection with the villain is cliche to all Marvel studio movies(stick around for the end credits to see a classic marvel studios like end scene), the Ghost they battle are monstrous and city destroying, and they have this scene in the final battle in which the females act like the Avengers. I must admit, this does not work as well as it should, it really makes the whole thing corny as hell.

Plus, there are a bunch of different versions of Ray Parker Jr’s. Ghost busters theme, with it’s small flaws I’m good with the remake of Ghostbusters but not fine with the covers and remakes of the original theme song layered in this movie. All crap.

So if you think that women cannot make a funny Ghostbusters than you’re wrong, no one should have ever remade the Ghostbusters cause it will never beat the original, but the girls are funny and it’s a fun movie to watch, hands down.

Very impressed.

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